imagesAt YABOO Fence, we are committed to protecting the environment(s) in which we work. That’s why we have created and implemented a three-step carbon footprint reduction program, specifically with the intent of recycling as much unused materials as possible before, during and after projects.

As the size and scope of our projects increase, this makes our commitment to the program all the more important. We encourage you or your company to also do your part in helping to improve our environment. Often it is merely a series of small steps that can make a great difference.
Please take a moment to look at our current policy. If you have any suggestions, we welcome you to give us a call or email us.

Onsite at the Project Location:

  • All steel, aluminum and PVC fencing removed from jobsites, or scraps from our shops are put in their respective containers; each of the materials is subsequently hauled off by the recycling companies responsible for each specific material.
  • All concrete footings and similar items are collected and picked up to be crushed and recycled.
  • Clean wood fencing (not painted, rotten or pressure treated) is mulched.

Our Vehicles:

  • All our trucks are kept on a strict maintenance schedule to keep them running efficiently and clean.
  • Our fleet of trucks use clean diesel fuel.
  • All oil and fluids from our vehicles are properly stored and recycled.
  • We properly recycle all tires.

In the Office:

  • Our team uses the minimal amount of paper as possible.
  • When feasible, drawings, documents and other files are digitally stored.
  • YABOO recycles paper, plastic and metal materials that are discarded in the office.