Since 1965, Yaboo Fence Company, Inc. has been a family owned and operated business. Beginning with Nana selling our fencing products outside the local marketplace, our first installation and service vehicle was a bicycle. With experience as our educator, we developed Yaboo into a small local business with two pickup trucks, a storage area and an old RV as our main office. Throughout the years, our friendly caring attitude and attentive disposition have helped us excel in every aspect of our business growth. Our knowledgeable staff has developed long-lasting business relationships throughout our community, including extensive work with regional utility companies, local construction companies, developers and numerous longtime residents in the entire tri-state area.

Yaboo Fence Company has transformed itself from a family company into a family tradition. Initially, with Nana, and now continuing into our fourth generation of family members, we strive to continue our tradition of expertise, service and unmatched knowledge. Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your family, friends, neighbors and pets. Remember, good fences make good neighbors!